Next Steps

So you've visited CCC or you've been coming for awhile and are wondering "what's next?"

Our mission is to make much of Jesus by making disciples that make disciples. 

Below you'll find out how we accomplish this mission.

Want to learn more, please complete a Connect Card.

  • If you're new or you've been coming for awhile and want to know more about Chester Christian, this is your next step. This class is usually held once a month. 

    During this class, you'll get to know our pastor and elders, learn more about our mission, vision and strategy and discuss your next steps in fulfilling the mission of CCC. Click here to sign up for our next class. We will contact you with the details. 

  • join a study group

    Being a disciple of Jesus involves more than just attending church on Sunday.  Semester based study groups are a way for us to be obedient to Jesus in studying His word together and building relationships with others that will love, encourage and challenge us to grow spiritually.   

    Study groups play an important role in helping us disciple & equip people in the Gospel. If you are ready for the next step of joining a study group, please complete this form.  If you want to watch a video of our study groups for the Fall 2022 semester you can watch them here.  

  • serve

    Put your faith into action by serving at CCC and around the community of Chester. Serving is the primary vehicle we use to accomplish our mission of reaching people with the Gospel. 

    Click here to tell us what interests you and we will contact you with serving opportunities.

  • join our online community

    Click here to sign up for Community Builder, our online church community. Community Builder will help you get better connected with our church. You'll be able to find groups to get involved with, see events you may want to attend, meet needs of others in our community and find opportunities to serve.

  • Disciple MAking

    In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus gave the Great Commission to “go” and make disciples of all nations. At CCC, our mission is to make much of Jesus by making disciples that make disciples. One way we strive to accomplish this mission is through DMM. DMM (disciple-making movement) is a strategy for reaching people with the Gospel. A disciple making movement is about multiplication. This movement spreads wide and deep to at least four generations and beyond. This means one disciple makes another disciple, so on and so on to the fourth level (think Great grandparent, grandparent, parent, child). 


    DMM is very simple and reproducible. The primary task is to make disciples and as disciples are made, churches are planted. Our vision is to see disciple-making and church-planting movements happen throughout Chesterfield and the Tri-Cities area.  Classes are offered periodically throughout the year.

Connect & Grow

In addition to Small Groups, adults can be discipled in the Gospel and equipped to share the Gospel by being a part of our C3 Men's or C3 Women's ministry. To get involved, check our online calendar for upcoming opportunities to connect or email us at  Be sure to also check out how several of our members are growing in the gospel.

  • C3 MEN

    We believe building strong relationships among men is vital in spiritual development. We know that "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." (Proverbs 27:17) We accomplish discipleship through: 

    • Tuesday Morning Bible Study (6 am at the church) and intermittent Bible studies (check the calendar for more information)
    • Thursday Morning Bible Study at 10:00 am
    • Quarterly Saturday morning breakfasts
    • Yearly men's retreat
    • Various service opportunities

  • c3 Women

    Our mission is for women to disciple each other in the Gospel, relationships, worship, prayer and love which is based on the pattern from Titus 2:3-5. We connect and disciple through the following:

    • Intermittent evening and morning Bible studies
    • Monthly meeting on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm at the church (check the calendar for more information)
    • Yearly fall retreat
    • Special events
    • Various service opportunities

  • Grow

    Here are several examples of how the Gospel has helped several of our members grow!

    Elizabeth Kuhfuss-Beville

    Kayla Blick

    Ellie Griffin

    Noah Jessie

    Riley Smith